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What is a load board? Why do trucking companies and freight brokers need a load board?     

A load board is a web-based search engine where trucking companies and freight brokers connect to move their freight. Like an internet dating service, carriers meet shippers and brokers online. Some carriers use a load board to book every trip and others use it for backhauls. They keep trucks full, allowing drivers to avoid empty miles. Because load boards present the opportunity for business partnerships, it’s important to find a load board that checks the credentials of participating companies before they are posted and has years of proven experience.


Load boards are used by transportation professionals, from owner-operators to the largest shippers and brokers, as a reliable source for loads and trucks. DAT provides other business-critical tools such as lane rates, compliance, and mileage, and routing information.


Who uses DAT?

Shippers, brokers and carriers use the site.


  • Brokers and Shippers post available loads to the DAT site, either through system integrations with TMS (Transportation Management Software) or manually through a DAT product interface.
  • Carriers can also post their available trucks.
  • Both parties can search for what they are looking for.
  • DAT contains a variety of third party information such as credit scores, authority, safety, and insurance information, that market participants use to vet companies with whom they may do business.


What does DAT stand for? Why should trucking companies choose the DAT Load Board?  

The DAT Network began in 1978 as Dial-A-Truck (DAT) at the Jubitz truck stop in Portland, OR. It's the original 'load board' that started on bulletin boards, then, physical load board monitor displays advertising available loads to for-hire drivers waiting at truck stops. Over the years, DAT has grown to become the primary place where transportation professionals meet. It's a vibrant marketplace for 279 million loads and trucks per year and has become the industry standard for load boards. With DAT, you'll have your choice of over 1 Million loads daily, many that you won't find anywhere else. The DAT network serves as the backbone for all of DAT's load board products, including TruckersEdge and DAT Express.


What are some of the tools and product features found on the DAT Load Boards?   

TruckersEdge® is built specifically for owner-operators who want to find freight. It’s easy-to-use and very affordable. TruckersEdge packages include:


  • Unlimited load searching and truck posting
  • Instant alarm match notification for your searches
  • Mileage and routing
  • Inbound and outboard load to truck ratios
  • Broker credit scores and days-to-pay
  • Access to the DAT Directory for detailed profile information on brokers, shippers, and carriers
  • Market rates, including the 15 day Lane Rate - showing the average lane rates paid by brokers based on the past 15 days
  • Get 30 days free on TruckersEdge! HERE

DAT Express® is built for small brokers who want to find the capacity to move freight. DAT Express includes:


  • DAT Super Database – Access to 1.3 million trucks
  • Unlimited load searching and truck posting
  • Alarm Match notification
  • Spot Market Lane Rates
  • Inbound vs. Outboard trucks for each state
  • Phone Posting and Searching
  • DAT CarrierWatch® - Carrier compliance monitoring
  • DAT Directory - find detailed profile information on carriers, broker & shippers
  • Get One Month Free on DAT Express! HERE

DAT POWER® is the industry’s most advanced load board, with powerful tools for advanced filtering, group collaboration, automatic refreshes, and market-leading rate tools. DAT Power offers:


  • LIVE searching and posting for loads and trucks
  • Multiple Searches and Filtering simultaneously
  • DAT Directory and Reviews - for detailed profile information on carriers, brokers, shippers
  • Mobile App
  • 15-Day Lane Rate averages
  • TriHaul - get automatic suggestions for triangular routes to help avoid low-paying lanes
  • DAT Assurance - Debt collection
  • Book Now - Automated booking
  • Market Conditions Index/Hot Market Maps
  • Phone Posting and Searching
  • Preferred & Blocked Companies
  • Contract & Spot Market Lane Rates
  • LaneMakers - find business partners by identifying top posters for any given lane
  • Canadian Loads & Trucks
  • Post & Search Alarms
  • Average Lane Rates
  • TMS & FTP Integration
  • Get One Month Free on DAT Power! HERE




Can anyone post anything on DAT Load Boards?

DAT takes security very seriously. Only verified and reliable transportation professionals are permitted to use DAT Load Boards. Before we provide service to a customer we make sure they have a valid Motor Carrier (MC) number, Federal Identification number or agent agreement.

We also provide you with the tools you need to qualify each company you find before you work with them. Get up-to-date broker credit scores, average days to pay, and bond information at the touch of a button.



How do rates get set?

Every load is different and the rate is agreed between the carrier and the broker or shipper. Rates are set at a price that matches what a shipper/broker are willing to pay, and a carrier is willing to accept.

DAT does not set rates. DAT’s role is simply to connect the shipper/broker and carrier so they can negotiate a rate and other terms. This does not, however, determine the market price in any way.




Do you offer any free tools, training or guides if people want more information?

Yes! DAT Load Boards don't just give you the largest marketplace, they also give you the fastest and best service and resources to help you in your business.

DAT has an award-winning customer service group, available for training and help 7 days a week to assist you.

DAT also provides free tools and resources in the DAT newsletter and website for carriers getting started in the business. You can sign up for the DAT newsletter here:

and DAT Trendlines to get these updates in your inbox for free!

Freight rates and regulations are constantly changing. DAT is the go-to source for rate updates and trends. Make sure to check out the DAT Blog and sign up for the DAT Newsletter to get industry updates and DAT Trendlines to get weekly updates on what’s changing in rates around the country.




What information can DAT provide to help truckers make the best decisions they can during COVID?


Across the board and in addition to our load board, our portfolio of products all aim to help remove the uncertainty from freight so that our customers can make the best business decisions they can.

  • MCI
  • Ratecast
  • Book Now
  • TriHaul routing - designed to help build triangular routes instead of relying on a lane-pair